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Developmental Baby Massage

Developmental Baby Massage is designed to give parents and carers the knowledge and life long skills to gently massage their babies.

Touch is your new-born's first language, it is their prime means of communication and plays an essential role in the

forming of early parent-child relationships.

Massaging your baby allows you to express emotional affection and to fulfil your baby's need for physical contact.

The benefits of massage are both emotional and physical,

so your baby will achieve all round well being.

Developmental Baby Massage is for ALL babies 

Developmental Baby Massage is safe to practice from birth,

I recommend attending a course/workshop from when baby is 6 weeks old, but feel free to attend any earlier, depending on how you and your baby are feeling/doing, during the course/workshop we will have a range of babies from 4 weeks old up until babies are active crawling 

During my courses and workshops we will work together

on techniques used to gently massage your baby.

We will work on a routine that will be built upon

throughout the session(s),

massaging different body parts, to build up to a full body massage, starting "toe to top", this includes feet, legs, hips, belly, chest,

shoulders, arms, hands, back, neck, head and face.

Developmental Baby Massage benefits are endless, for parent/carer it helps build confidence and trust, strengthening relationship and connecting with your baby, learning how to handle your baby with confidence and supporting with your babies developmental milestones and it also supports with PND, for babies, it helps aid good sleep, helps to relieve the pain of trapped wind, constipation, colic and teething,

it helps encourage tummy time,

it supports with baby brain development and overall development,

it helps with weight gain, but most importantly...

this is a great time to dedicate one-to-one, skin-to-skin time, bonding and relaxing with your baby, in a wonderful, loving, supportive space. 

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