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A  course consisting of a 1 hour group session teaching

Mothers, Fathers, Carers and Guardians Soft Yoga.

Baby Yoga is designed to give parents and carers the knowledge and life long skills to encourage movement and flexibility for their babies.

Baby Yoga benefits help to encourage strength and confidence in movement, helps to encourage physical development, for a

good posture in sitting, crawling and standing, improves relaxation for both parent/carer and baby, aids bonding, trust and social interaction, encourages baby brain development, helps soothe and settle for sleep, helps with colic, constipation, trapped wind and teething pain, helps prevent / alleviate PND, and a safe exercise post birth.


These sessions will provide opportunities for your baby to have fun 

and interact with you in a safe environment.

Throughout each weeks session, we will work together to

encourage your babies development.

We will work on a routine that will be built upon each week. 

Parents/Carers will do some soft yoga movements and stretching.






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