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For Babies from 6 weeks old
till active crawling 

Bath Babies 

Bath Babies is combining early water experiences and

nurturing touch for extra special BONDING TIME. 

This is NOT your typical baby hygiene bath

Throughout the course/workshop session(s), we will

work together on building up yours and your babies

confidence in and around WATER. 

We will work on a routine that will be built upon

throughout each session,

learning together to relax and bring the magic

and beauty of nurturing touch into the water,

adapting our water moves mindfully and slowly to

help babies acclimatise to their bath,

letting your baby led the way, the earlier we can provide

water experiences the more your baby can adapt

from womb to world and learn that the water is a place of

fun and in your hands a place where they feel loved and safe.

The holds and moves you will learn in our Bath Babies Course will transfer perfectly to the big pool when you are both ready,

this course is a wonderful time spent with you and your baby,

bonding, making new friends, learning about WATERS TOUCH and your baby's behaviour cues, having some sensory play experiences, learning some baby massage and some nurturing touch time. 

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