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Please see below some comments, reviews, feedback given from previous class attendees 


"Laura very welcoming and friendly, the group small and relaxing, I could smell the lavender, which is a nice added touch, the basket of toys is lovely, my little one left each session asleep, highly recommend this course, thank you Laura"

"I am aware of the importance of baby groups due to the job role i have as a Health Visitor, I attended the classes with my 3rd baby and felt that we both benefited from them, they were well taught and informative, the massage was easy enough that I could replicate it at home and Laura supplied me with handouts after each class which was very useful, I found the classes really positive as it felt so nice to have1:1 time with my baby when life is usually so busy, my little one was very responsive and relaxed during the classes and I felt that the massage settled her and made her legs less tense, she always slept so well after! I would definitely recommend this class, thank you Laura x"

"Laura's yoga course is great, i had such a lovely time spending it with my son, some daddy and son time, he really enjoyed rolling on the ball and doing the flips, I liked all the stretching movements, I highly recommend this course!"

"This yoga course was a great activity to do with my little one, We really enjoyed the sessions, it was great fun for me and my little one,

It was great to exercise and

have some self care time,

thanks Laura!"

"Laura really warm and patient, always nice interactions and very much knew what she was doing alongside having a passion for it. I really enjoyed the course, nice sized group and a calm atmosphere with the right level of stimulation, Thank you Laura!"

"The BEST baby class I have attended and I have been to a few! HIGHLY recommend Laura's classes, so welcoming and relaxing Laura puts you at ease, completely baby led classes, I'm booking on again for the next block of classes,

absolutely LOVE coming to these classes, Thank you Laura x" 

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